Saturday, March 19, 2011

ANA begins relief programme

(Source: ANA has announced a series of initiatives to help with rescue and recovery efforts in Japan.

The ANA Group will donate 100 million yen to aid and support those affected by the earthquake. The Group is also asking for donations from its employees.

ANA is providing transport of relief supplies, at no charge, across all domestic and international routes operated by the ANA until April 15.

The airline is also providing seats on its flights for relief workers. This free transport will be made available on all domestic and international routes until April 15.

ANA has also introduced a donation programme for Mileage Club members until April 15. Members can donate in 1,000 mile increments by filling in the application available at the ANA SKY WEB site ( ANA will donate one yen for every mile donated by its Mileage Club members